SR&ED And Government Incentives

Are you at an early stage of undertaking  experiments, developing innovative processes, or products or solving technological problems ? If so, you may qualify for SR&D tax credits.

In Canada, significant financial challenges at critical stages of service or product development/deployment can hit the entrepreneurial and technology driven companies. There are multiple federal, provincial, and private funding mechanisms available to propel companies through these critical stages. A new and often overlooked source of government funding at this stage is through government procurement channels directly. 

Clients need a comprehensive approach and road map to access federal, provincial or private funding through these critical stages, from early stages of development to larger scaling. Testing and prototyping a technological or business concept is the critical stage that may require funding. A variety of funding options are available including funding for process improvements for efficiency, environmental footprint reduction, or adoption and adaptation of technology into an environment for which it was not originally intended. 

A combination of industry expertise, tax and accounting knowledge, and process methodologies are needed to access direct funding for expansions of business, capital acquisitions, and new technologies’ adoption, hiring, training, sustainability projects, and development of the export market. 

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