Aviation,Travel & Tourism


The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted the aviation, travel, hospitality and tourism sectors. Hotel occupancy is down, with 70%-80% of hotel rooms empty. Due to restrictions, air travel demand is forecasted to fall until normality resumes.

Analysts and researchers expect recovery of Aviation, Travel & Tourism industry will take some time. Being  a capital intensive industry that need a lot of financial resources to get it going. Travel and Tourism Industry may resume earlier, however aviation sector is expected to recover slowly to pre–COVID-19 levels by 2024 and on wards.

How can we help

GHi can help clients anticipate the changing landscape and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

• Providing qualitative accounting, audit, review, consulting services at right time with right team.  

• Identifying tax opportunities

• Technical accounting advice and support tools

• Purchase price allocation related to business combinations

• Valuation and impairment testing

• Other consulting and advisory services

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