The Resilience and exceptional Assurance, Tax, and Consulting service during tough times

For many businesses, COVID-19 has been a crash course in crisis management—a test of leadership few had prepared for and even fewer saw coming. Months into the pandemic, companies continue to grapple with tough questions and tough choices.

But businesses cannot perform in crisis mode in perpetuity. Now is the time to look forward to what’s next, anticipate how the forces of change will shape the new reality, and adapt.

By focusing on building long-term resilience, businesses can emerge from the crisis and return not just to business as usual— but to better than usual.

HOW GHi can help
GHi delivers assurance, tax, and financial advisory services to clients locally, regionally and nationally. Our experienced staff, combined with our team network, allows us to provide the support you need – whenever you need it, whatever the size of your organization. We offer numerous industry-specific practices, quality resources, and an unparalleled commitment to meeting our diverse clients’ needs mainly due to:

  •  Experienced team
  •  Unparalleled partner-involvement
  • Deep industry knowledge and participation
  • Focused capabilities across disciplines
  • Cohesive connected teamwork
    We serve clients at domestic and national level and both profit and non profit industries. GHi brings the best class resources and exceptional service to each and every one of our clients.

GHi believes in Purpose, Vision and Quality in services we provide.

GHi is a an organization having affiliate Business Adviser and Chartered Accountant operating with dedication and commitment. We have one aim Quality and Total Client Satisfaction. It’s not just about numbers, it’s about people. We believe that building strong relationships with our clients is key to offering an unrivalled service. Only by understanding aims and objectives of clients we will be able to deliver the highest level of individual client care. We have special expertise in audit, tax and advisory services across a range of markets and sectors. We rely on the skills of our professionals in different countries which make up its integrated partnership.
At GHi, we are passionate about helping our people to achieve their potential. When our people achieve their best, so do our clients.